Grilled pizza!

Step 1: Make some pizza dough. Or buy some.

Step 2: Flatten dough. Heat grill. Put pizza dough directly on medium heat grill.


Step 3. Grill 1 side. Take off grill. Find random toppings from refrigerator. We used: home-made pesto, fresh mozarella, tomatoes, and salami. Put toppings on grilled side. Add salt and pepper.


Step 4: Put pizza back on grill over slightly lower heat. Close grill.


Step 5: Have a drink.

Step 6: Once underside of pizza is cooked to appropriate doneness (10-15 minutes), remove from grill. Cut pizza.


Step 7: Eat. Add more salt. Eat more.

Ben loves pizza

Ben loves pizza

Crispy crust, smoky flavor, eating outside. It’s summer; so we grill pizzas.

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