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The First Stage – Radius

I got dressed in my new outfit early so Ben could see how it looked. It all looked genuine, but the hat could be worn different ways: pulled to the side like a french beret, poofed out at the top … Continue reading

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How to find a job in a kitchen…

Before I went out to find a job in a restaurant, I thought it best to educate myself on life in professional kitchens. My cousin was an enormous resource, and also gave me a list of books to read: Making … Continue reading

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Julia Child and the Primordial Soup?

All my whining about science and cooking, and then I see this video with Julia Child. (Via the blog Pharyngula and sent to me by Christina)

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Summer soup and a Fall cocktail

I don’t throw dinner parties as often as I’d like, since it costs money, and quitting your job has certain financial ramifications. So when I do make dinner for guests, I try to keep costs down (one of the main … Continue reading

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Changing careers

I started the fourth year of my doctorate in July. How many more years do you have left, people ask? I have no idea. Probably 2 or 3. If I wanted to finish. I’ve always loved reading about physics, biology, … Continue reading

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More pickles!

The farmer’s market in Copley Square was too good. Everything needed to be pickled. And the garden had an excess of cucumbers, green tomatoes, and scallions. And they needed to be pickled, too. I used 3 different methods. There is … Continue reading

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7 Cookbooks You Want

These are not the 7 cookbooks you need, and they are not the only 7 you should have, but take my advice – these are definitely 7 books you will want. They range from reference books to general recipes to … Continue reading

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