Congrats to Team Wine at No 9 Park!

Despite the low production value and awkward ceremony of watching the James Beard Foundation Awards online, Ben and I sat down in front of the computer and were riveted for the first half hour. The JBFA – the ‘Oscars of the food world’ – are hugely prestigious, and No 9 Park was nominated for Outstanding Wine Program. This being a national award, we were up against other amazing restaurants across the country. 



The Outstanding Wine Program award was early in the program. They read the list of nominees. “Wouldn’t it be awesome if we won?” “It’s unlikely.” “I guess, it’ll probably be A16 from San Francisco.” “You might win.” “Nah, we’re definitely going to win.” And then No 9 Park won. Cat Silirie, Kate Gilarde, and Melodie Reynolds came up on stage. Cat made a short speech thanking everyone, accpeting the award that has been 15 years in the making. 


Feeling the excitement, I dragged Ben to the bar at No 9 immediately. Everyone was excited, drinking champagne, so many friends and family had come in. Ted poured us many glasses of Outstanding wine. We ate an Outstanding meal.

Ben and I both had Outstanding hangovers this morning. 

Much love and congratulations to all those at No 9 Park. 

For more info on JBFA winners, go here

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