Halibut. And Foie. Separate.

I’m bad about putting up photos I’ve taken. So finally, a few from the last couple months.

First, not really relevant anymore, but we used to have halibut on the menu. These fish usually came out of the ocean and on the cutting board in the same day. Sometimes they were big. Other times they were huge. This one was 120 lbs, largest I’ve seen to date. You practically have to crawl inside it to carve off the fillets. You’re covered slime and fresh smelling fish juice by the end. I love breaking down halibut.

Yep, that’s three cutting boards. And a rope in its mouth.

Its face is on the other side. This is the bottom of the flat fish.

This past week, we had a lot of friends and family of the restaurant come in for dinner. Servers, the saucier, FOH managers. We like to make up new dishes just for them, sometimes with forethought, or sometimes on the fly. These two foie dishes are from last week. Kudos to the boys who pitched in with ideas and helped pick these up.

Foie gras terrine and barbecue eel napoleon

Thin slices of foie gras terrine, alternating with slices of unagi (barbecue eel). Served with a cabbage salad, fresno chili, pickled mustard seeds, and a smoked corn cake.

We had worked this one out ahead of time. But another guest, celebrating his birthday, didn’t like foie terrine, but preferred seared foie. So we put this one together on the fly.

Seared foie gras, lobster, corn, and popcorn.

Seared foie, corn puree, butter poached lobster, carmelized popcorn, and sprinkled with espellette. We have done similar preps in the past, but this managed to use what we had on hand in a pinch. Makes for a more exciting service.

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