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Home-grown Figs and the Best Blue Cheese

The garden output is slowly declining – the last round of cucumbers, the few determined tomatoes, herbs to be dried. But the eggplants are holding out, and finally – finally – the figs are beginning to ripen. Ben and I … Continue reading

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Summer soup and a Fall cocktail

I don’t throw dinner parties as often as I’d like, since it costs money, and quitting your job has certain financial ramifications. So when I do make dinner for guests, I try to keep costs down (one of the main … Continue reading

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More pickles!

The farmer’s market in Copley Square was too good. Everything needed to be pickled. And the garden had an excess of cucumbers, green tomatoes, and scallions. And they needed to be pickled, too. I used 3 different methods. There is … Continue reading

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Crispy, Spicy, Fried Green Tomatoes (Hummus, White Bean Spreads, too!)

It can break your heart. Watching your tomato plant slowly dying. Powdery mildew creeps along the branches, the leaves turn yellow as if preparing for winter, the fruits hang lower. Sadly, some of those tomatoes won’t have time to ripen … Continue reading

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Home-Cured Salmon, Pastrami style

I’ve never really liked cured or smoked salmon. I mean, I still ate it, especially if I went to brunch at Hillel (I wanted to fit in…). But often I find salmon that comes out of a vacuum-sealed package and … Continue reading

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How to cook a Pig’s Head…

It happens to everyone some time. You’re in the mood to cook something, but you don’t want to go shopping. So you open your fridge and this is what you see: You ignore the leftover pork, push aside the tomato … Continue reading

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Savory bread puddings – and a Challenge

Ben and I traveled to see my father and his wife in Virginia last week, and my father and I always enjoy cooking together. He had a couple racks of lamb to cook on the grill and asparagus, and we … Continue reading

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