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Out of the Cold Age, into the Hot…

“Scott, do you have a moment to rap,” Chef Patrick asked me, just before service on a busy Friday night, the last night of a harrowing two weeks of Restaurant week. “We’re going to make the move next week. You’re … Continue reading

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Three more stages

6 October – Hamersley’s I rang the doorbell a few times – turns out that Gordon Hamersley hadn’t yet told anyone that I was coming. I told the sous chef I was there for a stage, and he gave me … Continue reading

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The First Stage – Radius

I got dressed in my new outfit early so Ben could see how it looked. It all looked genuine, but the hat could be worn different ways: pulled to the side like a french beret, poofed out at the top … Continue reading

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7 Cookbooks You Want

These are not the 7 cookbooks you need, and they are not the only 7 you should have, but take my advice – these are definitely 7 books you will want. They range from reference books to general recipes to … Continue reading

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Take me to St John…

I mentioned the restaurant St John in my post about Headcheese, but I wanted to encourage everyone to visit the website and marvel in its greatness. If anyone wants to buy me a present, how could I refuse a t-shirt … Continue reading

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